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Thai Spa offers exclusive Body & Beauty treatments based on research and experience. The special experience that that one savors is a sophisticated as well as classy creating an all new experience for you. Here are some for you to choose from:

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   Thai Therapies
Thai Foot Reflexology
30-45 minutes
Thai Traditional Foot Reflexology
With Head And Shoulder Massage

Duration - 60 minutes
Oriental Full Body Thai Massage
Duration - 45-60 minutes
Head and Shoulder Massage
Duration - 30 minutes
Back Massage
Duration - 30 minutes
   Hand & Feet
Basic Manicure
Duration - 30 minutes
Basic Pedicure
Duration - 45 minutes
Luxury Manicure (Indian)
Duration - 45 minutes
Luxury Pedicure (Indian)
Duration - 45 minutes
Deep Pore Cleaning Facial
Dry-Combination-Oily-Sensitive Skin  +
Vitaminic Concentrate Skin Facial
Intensely Hydrate & Nourish  +
Porpolis Concentrate Skin Facial
Soothe & Decongest  +
Complex Collagene Skin Facial
Smooth & Plump Lines  +
Complex Elastin Skin Facial
Firm & Tighten  +
Complex DNA Skin Facial
Refine Enlarged Pores  +
O2ptimal C Complex Brightening Skin

Radiant Complexion  +
Lightening Facial
For Pigmented Skin  +
Spa Teen Blemished  +
Spa Teen Papaya, Hydrasoothe  +
Spa Teen Strawberry, Hydraboost  +
O3 facials
» O3 Whitening / Sea weed
» O3 Whitening/Sea weed with
mould mask
» O3 Whitening/Sea weed with
protein mask
   Nail Spa & Nail Art
Gel New set
Gel New set permanent French
Gel Refill
Gel French Refill
Acrylic to Gel
Acrylic to Gel French Refill
Gel overlay
Gel Overlay with French
Gel Touch UP
Permanent Color
Permanent Color with glitter
Tip replacement
Tip replacement with French
Toe Tip
Nail Repair
Nail repair with French
Gel removal
Nail Polish (Indian)
Nail Polish (Imported)
French Nail Polish (Indian)
French Nail Polish (Imported)
Nail Art (Onwards)
Dry Flower
 Skin Whitening Treatment
Deep Pore Cleaning Facial
Dry-Combination-Oily-Sensitive Skin  +

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